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Rev. Deidre Hines

4th Episcopal District CDMC Director

CDMC Overview

The Christian Debutante-Master Dedication Commission (CDMC) introduces young people to Christian society and celebrates their transition to adulthood. Through its adult advisors, the CDMC reinforces the work of Christian education by providing guidance and information for relevant study and fieldwork activities. Young people participating in the CDMC have an opportunity to receive regular and special study programs for personal Christian development and creative leadership in the A.M.E. Church.


Debutantes\Masters (17-22): $50.00
Sub Debutantes/Sub Masters (13-16): $35.00
Juniors (9-12): $25.00
Registration begins now! Church organizations are encouraged to help their participants with some of their expenses.


All young people working in the AME Churches and/or in the Sunday School, Y.P.D., R.A.Y.A.C., Youth Fellowship, youth choirs, youth usher, Junior Church, or other groups are eligible to participate.


Rev. Deidre Hines                     773-841-3888

Jacqueline Mitchell Robinson  313-671-6620                             

Contact Information:
Please send registrations via email (scan), paper application, or online to:

Canada:    Esata Masters                                             
Chicago:   June Conner                                             
Indiana:     Rev. Deborah Lightfoot Oakes                    
Illinois:       Jacqueline L. Robinson                                          
Michigan:  Rev. Rochelle Laffoon                                                

CDMC 2018 Photo Gallery

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